Striving to establish grassroots projects aimed at alleviating poverty.

Medical Programme

Medical CampMedicine is a much sought after luxury in Western Kenya. It is difficult to find a doctor to diagnose and then a pharmacy to dispense medicine.

Medical Camps – Started Mid-December 2014 for 30 days. The camps held 84 stations in total and treated over 4,500 patients. Most patients were treated at the camp, others were sign posted to medical or hospital clinics. Nearly one third of patients had Malaria.

Diseases Treated

  • Malaria
  • Ringworm
  • Thread Worm
  • Oral Thrush
  • Vaginal Trush
  • Cystitis
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Scabies


Our Mission

Angel Welfare & Education Trust

To establish grassroot projects aimed at alleviating poverty, empowering communities to aid social wellbeing and provision of education, resources and to aid economic growth driven by integrity, dignity and respect.