Striving to establish grassroots projects aimed at alleviating poverty.

Education Centres

The main purpose of this centre is to teach Muslims about Islam so that they can take what they have learnt back to their homes and villages and practise Islam there.

The centre is also used as a regional meeting point for imaams and other such events.


  • To assist in teaching students Islamic beliefs, conduct and way of life.
  • To help students read and understand the Holy Quran.
  • To assist the students in understanding and respecting others.
  • To acquaint students with the life of the Prophet Mohammed Salallahu AlaIhi Wa Sallam, his companions and other prophets.
  • To provide opportunities for creating and developing leadership qualities amongst the students through various interactive activities.

Our Mission

Angel Welfare & Education Trust

To establish grassroot projects aimed at alleviating poverty, empowering communities to aid social wellbeing and provision of education, resources and to aid economic growth driven by integrity, dignity and respect.