Striving to establish grassroots projects aimed at alleviating poverty.

About Us

Who We Are

A UK-based charity, Angel Welfare and Education Trust has been working for over a decade to help save and improve the lives of people in western Kenya.


To establish grassroot projects aimed at alleviating poverty and educating all.

Values & Approach

  • Integrity - Ensuring a 100% donation policy. Every pound donated is spent on making a difference to the lives of the people in western Kenya.
  • Basic amenities for those in need - Directly provide to those who are in need; focusing not only on the immediate fulfillment of the need but also on the causes of poverty.
  • Human Development - developing people to lead and bring hope to communities. Our approach is to focus on unlocking ambition within communities.
  • Straightforward - we are open and honest in all our projects and we act with utmost integrity.

Our Mission

Angel Welfare & Education Trust

To establish grassroot projects aimed at alleviating poverty, empowering communities to aid social wellbeing and provision of education, resources and to aid economic growth driven by integrity, dignity and respect.